Basak Erol for Nothing But Thieves

Basak Erol creates a beautiful, epic love story washed in lush neon and fantastical visuals for the band Nothing But Thieves latest single 'Real Love Song'. The film intertwines mixed media, with Basak using her skills as a 3D animator and blending it seamlessly with the live action and animation, which she collaborated on with illustrator and animator Raman Djafari. You can check the film out below, read what Basak had to say to Promo news about the project and view the VFX & animation breakdowns. For more of Basak's work you can view her full reel here.


"It's about love... the painful and unrequited kind."

“We wanted to make a narrative video with performance woven into it. It’s a video about love, but not an idyllic one we are used to seeing on the screens. It is rather a dark and ironic love as the track’s lyrics refer to it as “Feral” and “Dirty”. Quite miserable, the painful and unrequited kind.

"It’s the surreal story of three characters seeking for love in the wrong places. A different perspective to relationships in the digital age with themes of confusion and losing the grip of reality on what’s real and what’s not, and the darkness it brings into our lives.

"Working with Nothing but Thieves and Sony Music/RCA Records was an absolute pleasure, and the whole production team, from crew on set to animation and post-production worked incredibly hard to bring these ideas to life. I feel lucky to have worked alongside a dream team of passionate people who brought so much craft into it. We were all excited about the project, supported one another and powered through it."