For our latest #alonetogether challenge we’ve continued our “Ruffian house” analogy with a series of connected glimpses into the state of mind of our directors. The result feels reassuringly connected because although everyone’s experience of isolation is different, we can all relate to something in each clip.

…But thinking about our house opened up another window of thought: consider the experience of people who are home-less during this difficult time. How are they able to cope? Who do they have to rely on for help?

We wanted to do something about that, so we asked a friend of the family for help. French illustrator Lionel Avignon agreed to design a beautiful film poster which brings our concept to print. And over the next few weeks we’ll be producing a limited run of posters and t-shirts which will be available for sale. each sale we make will donate 100% of the proceeds to a local homeless charity here in LA. 

So if #alonetogether strikes a chord with you and you’re interested in helping us out with this cause, please email ourhouse@ruffian.co to arrange payment and delivery.

Lionel Avignon is a talented, award-winning illustrator and you can see more of his work at hartlandvilla.com

Post-production was by our friends and collaborators Steve Gandolfi, Aika Miyake and Amburr Farls from Cut+Run